About Dr. Mitin Bhatia DDS

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Dr. Mitin Bhatia DDS


Dr. Mitin received his DDS in 2009 from one of the best dental schools in the world – University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr. Mitin has been serving in the US Army and has been a Captain in the US Army Reserves since 2013.

For the reasons above, it’s no wonder why all his patients praise his character and vast knowledge in dentistry.

With a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry, implant restoration, ‘smile design’ and Invisalign (dozens of successful cases), Dr. Mitin remains up-to-date with latest technologies and treatments by taking CE courses for dental implants and digital dentistry.

Dr. Mitin is a proud father of two boys. Away from dentistry, Dr. Mitin can be found at the local parks just enjoying quality time with his family.